We are one of the top online shopping deals portals in India. Hence it comes with a responsibility to provide some of the hottest selling merchandise and render tempting and cash efficient deals on the same. We procure thousands of deals with roughly lots of retail merchants to furnish some of the best shopping plans each day. The deals on display are at par with the GOSF-Great Online Shopping Festival. Yes, we maximize our efforts to get you the customer, the best “Value for Money” offer. Because we take our customer satisfaction and retention policy very seriously and that keeps our team up and moving.

Our Pledge

  • We at Lootidea guarantee our customer that products displayed on our site will always meet high-quality standards and the accompanying deals will be the best present in the online shopping space.

Our Salient Features

  • Due to research on products and stores, quality falls and negative feedback of the store automatically results in severing of ties with the store
  • We don’t amp up any product price in exchange of advertisement favors from the store.
  • Showcasing especially relevant deals irrespective of our internal alliance with the vendor.
  • We list deals that are conducive to our customers which in conclusion help us retain a long-term relationship with them.
  • Our customer satisfaction meter is high and we are obligated to maintain that.

Other Cool Features

First of all, we keep our customers in the curve about the latest deals through e-mail alerts. If a high tech gadget is available at a throwaway price, we will let you know first.

Subscribe to our newsletter is another easy way to keep you updated on the shopping deals and offers. We will make sure that the best deal of the day is in your inbox, just in case you miss it.

In addition subscribe to our RSS feed also and get regular updates. Consequently, you can attach the feed to your website, e-mail client, Google or Yahoo.

Web Coupons are a staple on our site. Coupons will be big or a small day but they will have that word free or discount attached to it.

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